• Roger Strudwick

August Club Trial Results

Thanks to Peter C, Steve B, Steve M and Adam Conway for setting out. With rain a few days prior and overnight the sections took some riding, with Section 5 proving very slippery in the muddy bottom,and the hardest of all. Sections 4 and 6 took a lot of marks too, the former being tight over clay banks, and the latter using a gully with a tight exit. Two retirements were due to Flo having pulled her shoulder before the trial, (hope it is feeling better), and grandad Mike keeping her company. Oscar riding under a different number from signing on, nearly got no scores at all, but the camera luckily solved the problem of mystery rider who had the third best score overall on the red route. Cam bossed the blue route with a score of 24, Charlie Cole 14 marks behind. Malcolm topped reds on 50, and Jack the Whites on 36. Thomas riding the Whites too on 16 but classed as Elite.The spread of marks showed the toughness of the sections, but well done to all who finished. Thanks to all the hands who cleared up. There will be a combined training day on 7 September look out for details, and the September club trial will be on new ground. Hope your bike is back working by then Roger!

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