• Roger Strudwick


Many thanks to Dave Harris and Steve Jones who spent Friday afternoon setting and clearing sections and then on Saturday morning were assisted by Steve Stretton to complete setting out. Also thanks to the several who helped to clear up. This land is not the easiest to set out for all levels, especially when it is wet, but although there were a few retirements the general consensus was that is was well laid out, and that the sections were good. There were a couple of tricky sections, number 2 had a steepish bank with a tight turn and this deteriorated into a skid point as the laps progressed, also number 3 in the water with a gully to get out of. The overall marks were lower than I had anti-pated, with the spread over each class quite a reasonable one. The three youths who finished did very well and proved very competitive with the adults. Despite being reported as an invasion of travellers to the landowner, who quickly checked this out, the day went well, with the rain holding off until we had packed up and were on our way home. Our next event is the SE Centre round on 30 June at Squirrel Wood run under ACU Regulations - non stop. A few more observers would be helpful if anyone is available on that day.

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