• Roger Strudwick


Thanks to Steve Jones and Alan Paton who set out early on Saturday morning to get drenched by the rain. Alan also suffered 4 wasp stings when a nest was disturbed at he proposed site for Section 1, which was quickly abandoned in favour of another area. Hope they are feeling less painful now.Despite the early rain, 19 riders attended and were rewarded with sunshine and sections which had dried out from ice-like slides into grippy terrain which made them easier than expected. Scores were fairly low for more seasoned riders. The gap in the white scores was probably the lowest for a while, and Alan must have been goaded into action by the wasps only losing 1 mark. Leigh's blue scores are reducing and Adam C made a great debut on the Clubman reds winning the class despite being coached by Steve B( and surviving) prior to the club meet. Malcolm kept to single figures and young Mason tackling reds has a target to work down from over the next few meets. Good to see new faces and hopefully a few more back when the holidays are out of the way. See you next month either at the LDT 4th August or club trial on 17th.

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