• Roger Strudwick


A fine day for the training in the morning and the afternoon trial. Many riders were tired after the morning riding, or had to leave for events so more retirements than usual. The sections were about right on red and blues with some tight scores, but the whites were very tight for non hoppers. No's 64 and 66 retired but I did not have anyone sign on with those numbers so they are a bit of a mystery! Thanks to Roger, Peter, Keith S and Kevan for setting out and all those who helped with clearing up.The training took a full 5 hours and kept everyone busy. There were quite a wide range of rider levels which it made it difficult to cater for everyone's capabilities. Smaller better matched levels would seem to be the way forward for any future training which may be undertaken. Hopefully everyone came away with something useful from the morning. Thanks to Paul Nash and Steve Smith for their time and travelling a good distance to be there. Next trial at Chapmans Town, please note we are using a different access, the old one from Gibsons Lane

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