• Roger Strudwick


Thanks to Paul Chapman, Jack Stiles, Steve Stretton and Leigh Wright for setting out a mix of sections, numbers 4,6, 7 and 8 taking the most marks, the latter once rain came into play on the steep bank and roots.We were lucky to have a dry couple of hours with the rain only affecting the last lap or two. Number 4 with some logs spaced about bike and a half length apart caused some problems to blues, likewise section 6 dropping down quite a steep bank into the stream. Steve Jones taking a bath on one lap as the front wheel tucked up.Section 7 in the corner of the wood also took marks, a test of nerve along the camber and then roots which catching riders just as they thought they had done the hardest part. Ben Smith a visitor kept a clean sheet on reds and there were quite close results in the various classes. See you next month at Copford Farm.

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