• Roger Strudwick

South Coast Group Trial

Thanks to Roger and Derek for setting out, and the observers Tony Martin, Dick Tugnott, Malcolm Sheppard Frank Puttock, Pat Puttock,Alan Paton, Steve Masters, Kevan Cornwall, Peter Collins and Jim Daffin some who travelled a long way, and others who gave up their rides. The weather was not too bad overall, but the clay ground, in true Squirrel style, was very slippery on the banks and caused problems, with scores reflecting this.Most riders seemed to enjoy the challenge, and hopefully all came away feeling satisfied with their efforts. The score sheets have some marks in red, this is to show where a score on a section was missing, so I allocated a 5 in the absence of a mark. This may clarify why there are a few marks more than perhaps some of you expected. Thank you for supporting the event. A few photos will appear on the MossTrials Facebook page in due course

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